Love is in the air 01: How to feel when someone truly loves you

true love

The definition for “love” in urban dictionary lacks enthusiasm. Isn’t it?

I heard love is about gaining wisdom. Joys and sorrows mutually feel. Compassion for what lies deep within. Intimate touching of another’s spirit. And being the person who truly is.

Frankly, I’m tired of hearing all of them!

If someone’s love is true, you can feel it by their actions.

They show genuine interest in the things that you are most excited about and passionate about.

They prioritize your things more than theirs’. Specially when you need them, they make a room even when they are on a tight schedule.

They listen when you speak. Not just listen, they envision what you are truly talking about and if you are suffering, they plan the things to fix it while listening.

Specially they dare to speak up when you are wrong. But they tell it in a loving manner while not hurting you, but hurting themselves.

They are curious about you and mostly inquires. But not just obligatory. They care about what you are afraid of, what you are dreaming for and what you feel when you are emotional etc.

They are kind.

They are trustworthy.

They are always excited to spend time with you. They look forward to your companion as much as possible.

They make adjustments for you. If they don’t they are willing to do.

They are there for you physically or emotionally or ideally both.

They are forgiving since they know anyone can mess up at times.

They go out of their way for you. They change their life goals to make you comfortable.

They are frightened when you are hurt.

They know when you need distance.

Well, love is such a miracle word that hasn’t still defined by anyone in the world. But love has become one of the most powerful weapons where the world makes a comfortable place.



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Rashmi Sandarekha

Rashmi Sandarekha

Software Quality Assurance Lead fascinated in Test Automation. Storyteller and a technical writer.