Cook your Gherkin in Cypress Cucumber!

Let’s get started!

npm install --save-dev cypress-cucumber-preprocessor
const cucumber = require('cypress-cucumber-preprocessor').defaultmodule.exports = (on, config) => {
on('file:preprocessor', cucumber())
"testFiles": "**/*.feature"
Feature: SignIn

I want to access the system while login

Scenario: User can sign in with valid creds
Given @nav I'm on the client page
When @signIn I enter valid username as "admin"
When @signIn I enter valid password
Then @signIn I click to Submit
Then @signin.assertions I can see the Dashboard
import { Given } from "cypress-cucumber-preprocessor/steps";
const url = ''
Given('@nav I'm on the client page', () => {
When('@signIn I enter valid username as {string}', (username) => {


cypress open
npx cypress open

Best IDE support for Gherkin

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